A Message from the Owner...

Located in the heart of Colorado, Mother Wolf Candle Co. is a manifestation of my lifelong connection with the enchanting beauty and alluring mystery of nature. Growing up surrounded by the breathtaking mountains of this magnificent state, I have always found solace and inspiration in the outdoors. As a passionate dog mom, my three huskies have been constant companions on our outdoor adventures in Colorado and beyond.

Mother Wolf Candle Co. emerged from my desire to capture the essence of those memorable moments spent in nature with my furry friends and experience them in our home. Each scent is carefully curated to evoke a sense of warming and grounding in the elegant aromas of nature - encapsulating memories of outdoor adventures, and further extending our appreciation of the outdoors. I hope you enjoy our handcrafted products intentionally made with non-toxic ingredients to provide the highest quality experience for you in your living space.



Owner and Creator at Mother Wolf Candle Co.


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